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            Importing Customers and Appointments From Bookeo To Zoho CRM

            Importing customers from Bookeo:

            1.  Export the customer record and make sure each row is unique.  Add a column (it must be the first column for the events steps below to work) called “Customer ID” and assign a unique identifier to each customer.  For example, enter the number 1001 as the first customer then in the cell below use the formula:  =1000+ROW()-1.  Then copy/paste that formula to the end of your spreadsheet and you’ll have sequential customer numbers.
            2.  Add a column in B to combine first and last names (adjust cells as needed):  =E2&" “&F2
            3.  Add a column A and copy/paste formula results from the combined first/last name column
            4.  Name the tab Customers

            2.  Save as a csv file and Import into Zoho

            Importing appointments from Bookeo:

            1.  In Bookeo go to the Marketing/Reports tab and create a report of all Bookings.  Note that you can only export 3 months at a time.  Use .csv format. Check the box to include all customer details.  Scroll down and click to Download as .xls.
            2.  Take the customer spreadsheet importing customers step above and add it as a second tab to your spreadsheet
            2.  In the Numbers spreadsheet, add a column for Customer ID and use the following formula to pull this field from the Customer spreadsheet:  =VLOOKUP(B2,Customers::Table 1::$A$2:$C$298,2,FALSE) then copy into the rest of the column
            3.  Make month format as 07/01/2014 and the time format as hh:mm:ss
            4.  Save as a csv file and import into Zoho
            Updated: 24 Sep 2015 12:09 AM
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