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            Marketing On Pinterest

            You’ve probably heard the buzz around Pinterest by now. You may already be using it to ‘pin’ your favorite images from around the Internet to share them with your friends. But did you know that you can use it to market your business? Like other social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest is all about networking, sharing new things, and linking to content, which makes it ideal for driving new customers to your product or service. Here are three ways to use Pinterest to promote your company’s content and website.

            1 Pin the images in your news releases.
            A quick way to expand the reach of your online news releases is to embed an image in the news release and then pin it. The image could be your company logo, a product shot or even a headshot of the company spokesperson. For a news release about a new organic flower shop opening in Springfield, include an image of the new location and pin it to the appropriate board on your Pinterest account—that could be places, news or favorite things like flowers.

            2 Optimize your images.

            Choosing SEO keywords that describe your business and incorporating them into the titles of your images or the copy that accompanies them will help customers find you via search engines. Drawing on the example from above, the title of the pinned flower shop image should include the keywords “organic flower shop Springfield.” When customers search for flower shops in Springfield, this will help your new shop appear near the top of their search.

            3 Be yourself.

            Although Pinterest is a great tool for marketing your business, it’s only as effective as the real people behind it. Personality sells, both in person and on social media, so don’t be afraid to be yourself and pin things just for fun as well. Being authentic builds trust with new prospects.
            Just as retweeting on Twitter and reciprocal liking on Facebook helps to build your network, taking the time to pin a few images to group boards each week and ‘repinning’ others in your network builds connections and brand awareness, which helps drive new business over the long term. Think of each social media interaction as another investment in your overall public relations equity—supporting a strong marketing strategy overall.
            Feeling overwhelmed by everything you can do with social media marketing? Next week, we’ll show you a strategy for marketing your business with social media in just 15 minutes per day. In the meantime, here are a few more tips on marketing your business with Pinterest.

            Updated: 09 Apr 2016 04:12 AM
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