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            Synch Apple iCal with Google Calendar (both ways) & Bookeo

            If you are trying to SYNC your G-Cal with your iCal, then edit in i-Cal to make changes in G-Cal, and vice versa, READ ON:

            STEP-1: Export all the calenders from iCal that you want to SYNC with G-Cal, to a folder somewhere in your Mac.  (I just put them in my Documents folder in a subfolder called Calendars....super creative, I know.)

            STEP-2: Create calendars in G-Cal. Look a the right panel of G-Cal, and under My Calendars click the Add link.  Here you name the calendar and create it.  You have to create them one at a time, so most likely you'll be back at your calendar in G-Cal, and you'll have to click the Add link again and again, ultimately creating as many calenders as you'll need.

            STEP-3: Import the calendar files (that you exported in step-1) into G-Cal. Click on the Settings link from your G-Cal page (found under the Calendars category in the right panel again, or at the top of the page on the left *Calendar Settings*)   You'll see all the calendars that you created in Step-2, and underneath them is the link Import Calendar.  Click on it!  Choose the calendar file that you want to import from your computer and then put it in the correct G-Calendar that you created from the drop down Calendar list.  Then click Import.  You'll do this step for each calendar that you import from your computer.  Don't forget to import the file into the corresponding G-Calendar you lovingly created.  

            So now all your calendars from iCal are in your Google Calendar.  How do you get them back to your iCal you wonder?  Proceed to Step-4 and all will be right in your calendar syncing world!  

            STEP-4: SYNC your G-Calender to your iCalendar.  There are instructions for this from Google.  Just in case you don't want to navigate there (sign into Google Calendar, click on the Help link, find the Access Options category click on the Sync link) here's my summary on how to do that.
                            •Go to iCal Preferences.
                            •Click on Accounts tab and then the + button to add an account.
                            •Name your account calendar, enter your Google username and password.
                            •Click on Server Options and enter this into the drop down field, replacing "YOUR...@DOMAIN.COM" with literally the email that you use to log-in to your Google Calendar account.
                            •Click Add.
                            •Click on the Delegation Tab, This is where you'll find all the calendars that you imported from iCal into G-Cal. 
                            •Check the Calendars that you want to show up into your iCal (PROBABLY ALL OF THEM) The calendars you check will show up in your right side panel of iCal under Delegates.

            In iCal you probably have all your original calendars checked "on", which will duplicate everything you have because you just synced all the calendars that you have in G-Cal, which you imported from iCal.  Congrats!  You've gone full circle!  Check off the original calendars in iCal, you can leave them there checked off, delete them, do as you wish, they're yours.  But make sure before you delete anything to do a TEST, explained in Step-5 below.

            STEP-5: TEST!  With your original iCal calendars checked off, make some changes to your events.  Then go to you G-Calendar and refresh the calendars that you manipulated...that's a magical experience.  Now do the same in your G-Cal, make some changes in your events and then refresh the calendars in your iCal.....Voila!!! 


            Now that iCal and Google Calendar are synched - it is time to sync Bookeo which will act as the Master for client appointments.  Note that if Bookeo were to receive entries from Google Calendar it would not allow editing, essentially nullifying all of the great features of Bookeo including client email and SMS reminders.  To enable this function you will need the Bookeo Solo license which is $14.95/month
            Updated: 09 Apr 2016 04:02 AM
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