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            Zoho CRM + Google Calendar Sync

            Each user must enable a sync between Zoho CRM and Zoho Calendar as well as from Zoho Calendar to Google Calendar from their own account.  Please follow the instructions below:

            Zoho CRM – Zoho Calendar Sync

            Zoho Calendar provides the option to have a two-way sync between the events in the Zoho CRM Calendar and the Zoho Calendar. With this feature you can add new events, edit existing events and manage the CRM activities from your Zoho Calendar itself.

            Setup Sync with Zoho CRM Calendar

            Follow the instructions below to set up the sync between Zoho CRM Calendar and your Zoho Calendar. When you set up the sync for the first time, it may take a while depending on the number of events and the data you have in the Zoho CRM.

            • Log in to www.zoho.com/calendar
            • Click Settings » Zoho Apps.
            • Select the option Zoho CRM, listed as one of the apps.
            • If you have a CRM account, you will see the "Synchronize" option.
            • Click "Synchronize" to start the first time sync.
            • The events synchronization will be scheduled.
            • After a while, once the events are available in Zoho Calendar, the "Unsynchronize" button will appear.
            • Click "Back to Calendars".
            • Zoho CRM Calendar will be listed as one of the options under App Calendars.
            • The events, which you already added in Zoho CRM, will appear in Zoho Calendar, under the Zoho CRM Calendar.

            Google Calendar Sync

            You can enable Google Calendar Sync to have a two way sync with your Google Calendar in Zoho. Once you enable two way sync, you can add events to your Google Calendar, accept/ reject invitations to Google Calendar from Zoho itself. Currently Google Calendar two way sync is available to the subscribers of Zoho Mail Suite.

            • Login to your Zoho Calendar account.
            • Click Settings » Sync.
            • Select Google Calendar from the right pane.
            • You will be requested to authenticate and allow access to your Google Calendar.
            • Once you have successfully authenticated, you can click on Synchronize now to sync the events from your Google Calendar.
            • You can view your Google Calendar link under "App Calendars" section in the main page.
            Updated: 31 Jul 2015 10:22 AM
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