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            Zoho to Quickbooks Integration Tools

            - Zapier only works with the online version of Quickbooks, not any of the desktop versions. We also can't make any changes to records anywhere, best we could do is create a brand new contact in Zoho CRM when there's a new invoice or customer in Quickbooks, and we cannot sync updates back and forth there.


            Our QuickBooks desktop connectors use the Intuit Sync manager which unfortunately is not available on the Mac platform.

            QB to Zoho is possible (also using the intuit sync manager), but going the other way around is tricky because our QB update connector requires the QuickBooks ID.

            Also of note is that Intuit will be phasing out support for the Intuit Sync manager in 2016.

            Quickbooks Online Plus - inventory

            Sync manager was for remote access - phased out due to security - target for hacking

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            Updated: 31 Jul 2015 10:24 AM
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