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            How can I properly set up DinnerTime Plus with the Android's multiple profiles?

            There are three account types in Android Lollipop: Owner, Restricted User and Guest

            We recommend that you follow the steps below to make DinnerTime Plus work properly.

            1. Login using Owner account type, set up a screen lock(Pattern, PIN, Password) and then delete Guest.
            2. Install DinnerTime Plus and create Restricted User which allows DinnerTime Plus and other desired apps.
            3. Change to Restricted User.
            4. Complete Basic linking with the parent.

            The restricted user can't switch to Guest because Owner deleted the Guest account.

            The side effect of the restricted user : The restricted user can't use most of Google system apps(Google Play, Calendar, Doc, Gmail, Hangouts and so on)
            Updated: 05 Feb 2018 09:19 AM
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