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            If my kid's device lost WiFi connection during the DinnerTime/BedTime/Take a break restriction, how can I re-connect WiFi so I can unlock the device?

            There may be times when you want to unlock your kid's device, but you forget to do so before your child leaves home for school or friend's house, or the device simply lost the WiFi connection so the parent app cannot communicate to the kid's device to unlock the restriction. In a situation like this, DinnerTime Plus allows your child to access the WiFi settings on their device to re-enable access.

            If the child's device is currently being blocked by a restriction, you can reconnect to WiFi by going to "WiFi Settings" located at the top right of the restriction screen.

            Your child should be able to access the WiFi settings. Once the device is connected to the Internet, the child can click on the "Refresh" option to manually check the restriction status.

            The "Refresh" feature should be used when the parent's device unlocks restriction but somehow the kid's device did not receive it (i.e. device is still blocked). When the child's device is online, they can click on "Refresh" to get out of the restriction mode.

            Updated: 28 Feb 2018 05:44 AM
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