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            Is there any way my child can still work-around the restriction set by DinnerTime Plus?

            The restriction set by DinnerTime Plus blocks all access to regular Android applications, but does not block access to Android widget-style applications. This means that during a Take a Break restriction, the child may still be able to access the Android pull-down notification menu, quick reply to an SMS via the built-in widget or check the an app notification status. If parents would like to enable even more strict control, they can enable the "enhanced lock feature" which will block all access to any apps and/or widgets during the restriction time. Learn more here.

            Depending on the device model and/or Android OS versions, there may be other interesting ways for the child to bypass existing restrictions. To prevent this from happening, we recommend parents use the "app locking" feature to block access to the Android Setting menu. If you wish to prevent your child from downloading new applications or make in-app purchases, you can also use the "app locking" feature to block access to the Google Play store. Learn more about the "app locking" feature here.
            Updated: 28 Feb 2018 05:46 AM
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