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            Will DinnerTime Plus allow incoming or outgoing calls if any of the mode restrictions are applied (e.g. during Take a Break, Bed Time or Dinner Time)?

            DinnerTime Plus app will try to identify the Phone app on that device. The default setting for both versions is to permit the identified Phone app to run even if there are any currently enforced restrictions (e.g. during Take a Break, Bed Time‚ or Dinner Time Beak).

            For the DinnerTime Plus, the parent has the capability to select any number of apps on the child device to be permitted to run during restrictions to customize their children use cases. For example, the parents can permit the Phone and Camera apps to run while the child device is under Scheduled Break.

            This makes sure that in the case of an emergency, the child can still receive an incoming call or place an outgoing call from their device. There are certain phone manufacturers who may have provided a custom phone app or dialer which cannot be properly detected by our app.
            Updated: 28 Feb 2018 05:38 AM
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