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            How do I allow a sign-in station to sign-in users early for an event in AccuCampus?

            When creating an event within AccuCampus, you may decide to allow users to sign-in for the event before the official start time of the event. This article explains how to set up the sign-in station to allow users to sign-in to the event early.

            1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over Centers.

            2. Click Sign-in Stations.

            3. Select the sign-in station you will be using for the event. To create a sign-in station, see How do I set up a single step-kiosk within AccuCampus?

            4. Ensure that the sign-in station has a tracking mode of Center Attendance and a sign-in/out mode of Single Step Kiosk.

            4. Enter an Admin Passcode for the sign-in station.

            6. If you will be using the sign-in station on this computer, click Save and Install. If you will be using it on a different computer, click Save without Installing.

            7a. Once the sign-in station is installed, you will see that it won't necessarily show the name of the event that users will be signing in for.

            7b. To allow users to sign-in early for the event, enter the Admin Passcode on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and click Login.

            8. Click Change Course.

            9. Search for the event in the search box and press Enter.

            10. Users who sign-in to the kiosk will now be signed-in for the selected event. To change the event, use the Admin Passcode to search for and choose a different event.

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