Three Ways to Control Access to Records in Your Archive

Three Ways to Control Access to Records in Your Archive

As the owner of an archive, you have three ways to grant access to records in your archive to other people. In order from least restrictive to most restrictive:
  1. Publish to the web – choose this option if you want anyone to easily access your records without a Permanent account.
  2. Collaborate with members – choose this option if you would like to build an entire archive together with friends, family, or colleagues. 
  3. Share with another archive – choose this option if you only want to make a selection of records available to limited groups of people.

Publish to the Web

Publishing is the most unrestricted way to provide public access to your files on the open web. Publishing adds the records of your choice to the Public workspace of your Permanent Archive and generates a link to your records that allows anyone to view it. Publish archives are also searchable on Learn how to publish here.

Collaborate with Members

You can add members to any Permanent archive to enable collaboration among multiple account holders. Adding a member provides role-managed access to all of the records and workspaces in a Permanent Archive. Each Permanent Archive is owned by a single person, but records may be uploaded, edited, organized and shared by the members of the archive, depending on the access role you grant them. Learn more about membership access roles here.

Share with Another Archive

Sharing is the most restrictive and private way to share records. Sharing allows you to grant access to selected records in the My Files workspace and restrict that access to specific archives while remaining privately stored in your Permanent Archive. The records you choose to share are only visible in the Shares workspace of the archives you select. You can limit what other archives can do with these records using access roles. Learn more about share access roles here.

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