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            Creating a TACS Report

            Once you have added the Absence for a Student on a Course , you can then produce the TACS Report for the Course.

            Log in to Veri as an Admin. Go to More -> Reports -> TACS Report

            Choose the Course from the Dropdown.
            Once this is done the Week dropdown should automatically populate with the Weeks 
            Choose the Week number you wish to see data for and Click on 'Update'

            A report similar to below will be produced:

            Note: The student name will be displayed but for the sake of this example we have removed the student names

            Items to Note:

            Student 1 was absent on 7th March - The Student was on work experience this day so the correctly logged as 'In Company'. 

            Student 2 was absent 5th & 6th March - The Student was not present on Monday or Tuesday but there was no explanation for this and therefore they were logged as Full Day Absence with no explanation. 

            Student 3 dropped out of the Course on 8th March - The report correctly reports that they attended on Mon / Tues & Wednesday so therefore are entitled to be paid for these 3 days
            Updated: 17 Sep 2019 11:52 PM
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