Add and Maintain SQL

            To add a new custom report you need to tell VisitorRego how to retrieve the data from the database and how to format this data in a report.

            Open the Custom Reports screen.

            Note: Before you edit the SQL you need to know the database engine used - either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL. There are subtle differences between the two that need to be coded for. To find out which database engine is being used, please refer to Connecting to a Database.

            To add and edit the SQL, click on the SQL icon: 

            This opens a new screen that allows the SQL to be entered and maintained.

            As can be seen - SQL is not for the faint hearted. There is no expectation for a customer to become an SQL expert. At Visitor Registration Ltd we are. 
            Contact us for specialised help with this.

            Pre Defined Custom Reports allows the copying of existing report templates and the SQL to extract the data for these reports. If there is not already an existing report that tells us then we can build the report template and SQL and distribute via the Knowledge web site.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:36 AM
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