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            Managing Paid Listings

            The Crowd Vox Paid Listing feature helps you to monetize your site by charging your visitors to submit or upgrade listings. You can setup your own pricing, plans and various rules as per the plan.

            You can let your users list their product or service through your site with the options of images, custom fields, adding content, plans, featured status, deals, events, payment and other options. You can also customize plans with each of these options and charge your users accordingly. Available payment types include Free / Trial, one-time payment and subscription.


            You can organize your plans like the following.

            - One basic plan for listing submission - free or small price, with a set of custom fields and specific number of images

            - One or more premium plans for listing submissions – medium and higher prices with larger set of custom fields, higher number of images, and other features like upload video, promote facebook page etc

            - One or more listing upgrade plans – listing upgrade plans are used to upgrade previously purchased basic or premium plan with additional custom fields, additional images or video to make the listing featured.

            A free listing example that allows your users to display their business details on your website with limited advantages is shown here. They can also add a description and an image about their business.

            A paid listing example that allows your users to choose a plan, pay and publish listing accordingly is shown here. You can decide on the number of images to be uploaded by the user based on the type of the plan they select and also allow your users to upload video and promote their facebook page.

            Prerequisites for Using Paid Listing Addon on Your Website

            The Paid Listing Settings Screen

            The Settings Tab

            The Payment Gateways Tab

            The Plans Tab

            The Revenue Report Tab

            The Orders Tab

            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 06:28 PM
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