What is Zaarly?

What is Zaarly?

Zaarly is the only place you can hire home service providers who have agreed to be held accountable for the work they say they will do.

We believe homeowners should be able hire pros without fear of being scammed, or worrying about paying for shoddy work. So we built Zaarly to solve the problems we saw at every step of the process, from finding good people, to connecting with the right pro for your needs, to communicating about your project, to paying for work without fear.

How it works

Sound too good to be true? Read on to see how Zaarly solves these problems and actually makes home projects easy.


Zaarly's pros have made it through a multi-step vetting process, including background check, insurance verification and a personal interview with our team. But on top of that, every pro on Zaarly has to agree to be held accountable for their actions, which means refunding customers if their workmanship isn't up to snuff, and paying the $100 no-show fee for missed appointments.

The pros who want to partner with Zaarly are the ones who believe in the same standards we do, and they're happy to be held accountable for them. Learn more about how we vet pros here.

Create projects

Create a project for a service or category and Zaarly will show you up to 3 pros who can help. We've already verified within 90% that those pros are a good match, and our learning algorithm gets smarter with every project that's created. Contact 1 match to chat about your project, or all 3 to get bids to compare.

Manage projects

Discuss the specifics, send photos and lock down a price and schedule, all through your activity feed on Zaarly. Download the homeowner app to get push notifications, or manage messages through Zaarly's standard email notifications.

Pay for work

Zaarly's payment system is uniquely designed to make transactions as seamless and easy as possible. Pros will discuss payment schedule directly with you, and once it's approved, they'll initiate charges. Zaarly charges are automatically drafted after 24 hours, but customers are always given the option to cancel a charge if there's any discrepancy. 

Note: Withholding a payment method doesn't prevent pros from getting paid. If you believe you've been charged in error, be sure to cancel the charge and reach out to support@zaarly.com for help.

Resolve issues

Zaarly pros are people, and people aren't perfect. No amount of vetting or good intentions can perfectly avoid issues 100%. So Zaarly has backups in place to make sure homeowners and pros alike are taken care of in those rare cases when things go wrong. It starts with community, giving you the tools to communicate the issue to your pro and giving them the opportunity to make it right. That usually solves the issue, but if it doesn't, Zaarly guarantees your money back for any work that wasn't completed, or wasn't completed as agreed.

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