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            Getting started with "Eco Challenge"

            There are currently two types of accounts that can purchase our product "Eco Challenge":

            1. School Administrator/Teacher: With this account you will be able to initially set up Teacher Accounts where teachers can then finish the login process. You can also buy and assign products to teachers who can then distribute it to their class/students. Please note: Teacher accounts will not be able to purchase the product themselves. The School Admin is responsible for purchasing the product as well as assigning the products to the teachers for distribution.

            2. Parent: With this account you will be able to create accounts for your children/students and buy/assign our products to your children/students in the product tab.


            Please follow the steps in the link below to set up desired accounts through our website
            1. Setup School Administrator Account
            2. Setup Teacher Account
            3. Setup Parent Account

            Please note that you can’t have multiple account types associated with the same email. If you want to perform action like “changing the account type”, please contact us at


            For general support, please email

            For technical support, please email

            Updated: 10 Sep 2019 03:51 AM
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